I felt relaxed almost immediately upon meeting Frank and our workouts turned into a fun experience I looked forward to every week. Frank approached my improvement in a holistic way, finding opportunities to teach techniques, mental strategies, discuss goals (both immediate and future), as well as to inspire. He is also an avid member of the Catonsville community and took every opportunity to make me feel at home in the gym and introduced me to new people every day.

Andrea Clarke

I am so happy to call Frank my trainer! I used to work out by myself, but I needed an extra push. I reached out to Frank, and he was more than willing to talk with me, go over workouts, look over my nutrition, and eager to get in the gym with me. We have gotten great results working out together and my workouts are now so much more intense! Frank pushes me, even when I think I “can’t” do something, and guess what: we get through! 

Erin Cooper