TANKTEAM… Gains going up on a Tuesday baby!  Check out Jermaine’s inspirational story below.  Jermaine – see you Saturday at the Capital City Classic.  

My name is Jermaine Powell, born in Virginia Beach Va. I grew up with a passion of sports, baseball, football, basketball etc.. I always loved to compete and just the overall challenge it gave me. I’ve always worked out but nothing close to what I do now. Fitness and just the overall healthy lifestyle has changed my life. I’ve learned so much about nutrition, dieting, and how to properly trained my body.

I come from two wonderful parents My mother Alice Powell who fought really hard fight but loss the battle to cancer and my father James Powell who is currently fighting cancer. Seeing how close the disease is in my family I wanted to put myself in the best shape possible to lower the risk of the possibility. I’ve just made one year of bodybuilding training specifically and competing. My Coach Stephen Hayes who owns the Dungeon Gym LLC, located in Richmond, VA took me under his wing and trained me to compete in the OCB tidewater Natural show which I took second place and recently the OCB National Championship where I took 1st place and earned my pro card. No words can describe how thankful and blessed I am to have Coach who cares and wants the absolute best for his clients or competitors. From first day I walked in the Dungeon Gym LLC his focus was to help me reach my dream and that was to be a professional bodybuilder. To me he’s more than a coach, he’s a mentor, a motivator, a leader, a role model, a father and a big brother.

As I embark on preparing for my pro debuts, I want all to know that I truly love bodybuilding love I truly love the sport and I enjoy inspiring and motivating others in reaching their goals. I want to thank the OCB Matt Shepley and big Frank Meekins for assisting and putting together large scale events and media outlets where natural bodybuilding is broadcast for all to experience.


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