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This year’s OCB Catonsville Conquer will be April 29th / 10am at the CCBC Catonsville Theater in Catonsville, MD.  ARE YOU READY TO CONQUER THE STAGE?? Register here!

I want to thank all of the athletes who have registered so far!  Can’t wait to hear about your transformation success stories and see the results on stage.




TANKTEAM!.. Happy Flex Friday.  Check out Amy’s athlete spotlight below.  WOW, transformation is epic!  Amy, see you at the OCB Capital City Classic – Yes I am eating all of the FLEX Donuts!

My name is Amy Nguyen and I am a Hokie and Saint alum. I work full time as a Substance Abuse fitnesspicCounselor in residential drug treatment with Fairfax County and am the founder of the protein donut company, Flex Donuts. I found myself in fitness through losing myself. Being in a past abusive relationship, I was told that dressing nicely and tending to my outer appearance was a sign of disloyalty. I disguised my inner turmoil through excessive alcohol and food consumption. Eventually, I was able to break those chains, which led to my own re-discovery, in and out of the gym! Lifting became my new source of happiness and helped me find the strong, intelligent, and confidently beautiful woman that I have always been.

I competed in my first two bodybuilding competitions as a figure competitor in Spring 2016. I fell in love with fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but always had a sweet tooth! After struggling with post-competition depression and binge eating disorder, I was motivated to find a way for athletes to safely incorporate tasty foods and still reach their fitness goals, all while keeping mentally and emotionally sound. Thus, Flex Donuts was founded. Some of the proceeds from protein donut sales go back to Love 146, an organization devoted to survivor care, prevention education, and training professionals to look for signs of trafficking.

In my spare time, I love to LIFT, blog, fiddle with the ukulele, watch low budget horror movies, and explore different foods. I am happy I am now able to share my passion with others!fitnesspic2


TANKTEAM… Post food coma turkey daaaay.  Take some time off from shopping and go get those gains in.  Today’s spotlight is Catonsville Conquer competitor – Steve King.  Steve has an inspiration personal journey that he shared below, thank you Steve and see you in April!

My name is Steve King. I reside in York PA and am 46 years old. 5 years ago I decided to make a life change for myself. I started my journey at a whopping 270lbs and not very healthy. After 4 years of clean eating and busting my tail in the gym 6 days a week I decided to share my results with the natural bodybuilding community. I have been competing for 2 years now with unexpected success in a few different natural organizations. I would like to thank the OCB Matt Shepley and Frank Meekins for providing a venue to show off all of our hard work. Training is my antidepressant and part of my daily routine at this point. In closing stop doubting yourself. If I could do it so can you.



TANKTEAMMM….  ALLO!  The next athlete spotlight features OCB Chesapeake Classic figure competitor – Carrie Merschat.  Awesome job at the show Carrie!  Check out her gym here: and give her a shout: @merschat79


screenshot_20161030-2328252I live in Addison, PA with my husband and 3 children. 

I own/operate Schoolhouse Gym & Studio which facilitates Schoolhouse Tae Kwon Do.  I  have achieved my 1st degree black belt in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, and have recently taken interest in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and MMA training.  Those types of activities conflict with my lifting at times, especially as I am a hard gainer, but I love a challenge.  My biggest challenge at this moment is studying for my personal trainer certificate as I homeschool my children.




I attended my first OCB event at the 2016 Catonsville Conquer and made it a goal to prepare for my first organized show that coming fall.  I chose the Chesapeake Classic and could not have been happier with a first experience.  I was very pleased with the friendliness and courtesy of the organizers and staff. It was a huge learning experience and will have me better prepared for my next time around.


-Carrie Merschat




Yesterday was the OCB Nations Capital Novice Championships and Nationals wrapped into one show. EPIC.  The competition was fierce..

Congratulations to all of the athletes for taking the plunge and getting on stage.  It takes discipline and tons of HEART.  


TANKTEAM!  Checkout the pics from the 2016 OCB Chesapeake Classic held in Westminster, MD. Awesome show put on by promoter Bobby Covino.  I had the honor of judging the show and the competition was fierce!!  Congratulations to the athletes for getting up on stage and kicking ass.  Catonsville Conquer coming April 2017……


TANKTEAM! Another amazing event in the books.  I was honored to judge the show and see all of the amazing athlete stories come to life on stage.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next show!  Stay motivated and see you there – Tank


TANKTEAM!!  The OCB and WNBF held the Presidential Cup last Saturday in Upper Marlboro, MD, What a show!  Competition was fierce and the athletes kicked ass.  Check out the gallery below.


TANKTEAM!!  Another spotlight coming at you..  This week the  2016 Catonsville Conquer, Bikini Overall Winner and pro card recipient – CeCe Marbley!!  Look out for big things from CeCe and happy belated birthday to the new pro!!

I started competing March 2015. The Conquer was my 3rd show. I’ve always been athletic. I took up bodybuilding because I wanted to take my fitness to a new level and to challenge myself. I love the discipline and focus that bodybuilding gives me. Stepping on stage all glammed up is my favorite part of competing. Looking forward to competing in my 1st pro show.






When I first wanted to start personal training, a certification from an accredited institution was the last thing on my mind.  I wanted to take all of the knowledge gained from working out, sports and the best practices I knew and apply them to help anyone willing conquer their fitness goals.  Passion, enthusiasm, drive – BUT NO JOB!


Every gym that I went to for a job needed a certification.  Something that proved baseline competency…  My bench press numbers weren’t enough?? WTH!?


Back in 2005 is when the books got cracked.  Blood, sweat and tears.. baby!  I passed the American Council on Exercise’s, Certified Personal Trainer exam….  You guessed it – I was a dummy and let it expire!!


I decided to take the test to again certify my baseline competency in personal training.  PASSED!  Cracking the books again reminded me there is so much to learn about training, the human body, nutrition and every part of the bodybuilding / health / fitness lifestyle.  Do I recommend you get certified? YES.  Does it have to be ACE? NO.  Choose any accredited organization.  Do I have to stop learning after passing? NO.  LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY.