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OCB 101 &

Learn about the OCB, what it takes to compete and pose for all federations!

Athletes from all federations are welcome!


Yoga Mat

Water / Snacks

Posing Suit


Shorts / Sports Bra


Grind Baltimore

601 E. Pratt St (Suite 400)

Baltimore, MD 21202

Located inside the historic Power Plant building in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.



I am an OCB Bikini Pro athlete, prep coach, posing coach, competition tanner and owner of Erin’s Delights.  I have competed in over 15 physique shows.  I co promote the OCB Catonsville Conquer and OCB Big Apple.  

My biggest passion is helping others and seeing you shine!  I can’t wait to meet you and see you on stage!


I started my competition journey in the NPC in 2013. When I learned about natural bodybuilding and the OCB, I decided to try it. I became a Pro at the 2015 OCB Body Sculpting Open. Following advice from my former coach, I went on to compete in a different natural pro organization. Shortly after my experiences there and placing 12th/12, I decided to take a break from the stage. I took 2 years off from competing and came back to win the 2017 OCB Pro Yorton Cup.

Off the stage, I focus my energy and expertise behind-the-scenes helping to grow natural events and make the natural side of the sport better for everyone.

I judge for OCB and I also promote 3 shows: 
The OCB Colonial Open – 6/29 Williamsburg, VA
The OCB Richmond Pro/AM – 12/14 Richmond, VA
The OCB Mid-American Bash – 7/14 Wichita, KS



I am an OCB Bodybuilding Pro and the promoter of the Chesapeake Classic held in Baltimore Maryland. I’ve been competing since 2007 in the OCB. I am a personal trainer contest prep coach, promoter, and a judge for multiple OCB shows. I truly love the fitness industry and enjoy working with athletes to help them reach their goals.
Bobby Covino Asst. General Manager Gold’s Gym Eldersburg


Hi athletes! I am the promoter of the OCB Catonsville Conquer – Baltimore, MD and the OCB Big Apple in Brooklyn, NYC. ACE certified personal trainer and prep coach. United States Marine Corps veteran, Head OCB judge, polygraph examiner, competition tanner and I am an athlete💪

I love meeting physique athletes, hearing your journey to the stage and most importantly ensuring your success come show day. I hope to see you at the clinic on April 7th located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Thank you – Frank

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