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TankTeam–  Long time no see…Status check!  What are you lifting? How are the Gainzz? 5 Weeks out!

Bulk Season is still in full swing.  GET BIG!   This year I’ve kept “dirty” bulk to a minimum and look and feel 100% BETTER.

Don’t let the weight you’re pushing get in your head.  Yes, crushing a whole pizza daily you will feel the strength gains but how do you feel just walking around?  How do you look in the mirror? Is this the physique and mental state you want?

Get the calories in but still be mindful of your diet.  This isn’t contest prep but this isn’t Sumo training. Don’t go overboard in your eating! Stay healthy physically and mentally and conquer…

Today is Superbowl Sunday, skip the pizza and wings and fire up the grill.  Kabobs are a simple low-carb crowdpleaser and will fit in your macros.