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CONGRATULATIONS to all of the amazing athletes that conquered the stage on May 12th, 2018!!!  The show was amazing.  Thank you athletes, friends, family, coaches and fans for all of your support in ensuring the Catonsville Conquer is a success each and every year.

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TANKTEAM!  – The 2017 Catonsville Conquer officially conquered!  The athletes brought the house down, and really shined up on stage.  Very proud of all of you!  Thank you to the athletes, staff, volunteers, friends, family and fans who make this show possible, we couldn’t do it without you! Click the button below for event pics and media!

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Checkout Katie Moody’s athlete spotlight below.  Katie your transformation and passion are inspiring!  Get it!!

My name is Katie Moody. I’m 27 years, and originally from the small town of South Hill, VA. I am a William and Mary alumni, Class of 2011, and I moved to Richmond, VA three years ago to finish my Master’s degree at VCU. I started my career and have been living in Richmond since.

I have always enjoyed being active and playing sports. I was a tom boy growing up, I was very athletic and into sports and the outdoors. I played softball, soccer, and volleyball all throughout school. When I started college in 2007, however, fitness was definitely not part of my agenda! Looking back, I had the typical college student lifestyle – poor diet, drinking, and no exercise! I went to the gym and did tons of cardio (elliptical bunny, anyone?), but was still clueless on how to get healthy. By my senior year, I had definitely gained the “freshman 15” and then some. I felt unhealthy and unhappy, and knew I needed to make some changes to improve my health and lifestyle.

My fitness journey started five years ago in 2012 when I moved home after college and decided I wanted to learn to lift weights. I had never stepped foot inside a weight room and was totally clueless and intimidated on what to do! I started lifting with friends and wanted to learn everything I could about fitness and nutrition. I did tons of research on my own about diets, supplements, and workout programs. After several months, I had dropped almost 30 lbs, and gotten much healthier and happier – I was hooked! It wasn’t until 2014 that I discovered bodybuilding. I competed in my first show in May 2014 in bikini. Immediately I knew that I wanted to continue learning about bodybuilding and improving my physique.

While I have been on one extreme of unhealthy lifestyle, I have also been on the other – I was in a very unhealthy relationship at this time and lost too much weight. Anxiety, depression, and poor eating brought my weight, happiness, health, and self-esteem to an all-time low. I struggled to gain weight for many months and truly hit rock bottom, mentally. Even though my fitness journey wasn’t completely linear, it was still a positive outlet in my life and something I felt empowered by. I moved to Richmond to go back to school and get my life together, and I used my next show to motivate myself to get healthy again.

Although much happier and healthier than before, I struggled with post-competition weight gain. I had successfully competed in two shows with restrictive dieting, but I wasn’t very knowledgeable about how to “maintain” during off-season. In early 2015, I found my coach, IFPA and ANBF pro Mike Pucci, who taught me balanced and healthy eating habits. Mike has coached and prepped me for all of my shows since then, including my first OCB show in May 2015 and my first NPC show.

In 2015, I also began training at Walker’s Gym in Hopewell, VA, and met my friend and trainer Jeany Walker. Jeany has been competing in bodybuilding for almost 35 years! She has taught me so much about the sport as well as how to be a better athlete. She also introduced me to powerlifting, and I began training for my first full powerlifting meet at the same time I was prepping for the OCB Atlantic Super Show in May 2016. The entire prep, I was squatting, deadlifting, and benching heavy all the way up until the show! A month later, in June 2016, I competed in my first powerlifting meet and set PR’s in all of my lifts. Who knew you could be strong and fit? I also became hooked on getting stronger, improving my technique, and learning more about lifting mechanics.

Since then, my training mostly consists of “powerbuilding.” I usually squat, bench, and deadlift twice a week in 12-week training blocks, along with other accessory work. Powerlifting has been a fun and difficult challenge that has also completely transformed my physique – in a good way (booty gains)! It has pushed me in different ways than bodybuilding, and has encouraged me not be afraid to lift heavy.

While my original fitness journey was to lose weight, I had no idea that it would become my passion and I would overcome so many challenges and meet so many amazing people along the way. Fitness is truly a sport where anyone can succeed – you can accomplish anything if you put in the work. It has brought much joy and patience to my life, and shown me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined. I’m always excited to see where the “journey” takes me, and looking forward to a great competition season this year.


AAU Triple Crown Classic – 1st Place Open 132 weight class with 225lb squat, 145lb bench, and 290b deadlift – June 2016, Henrico, VA

OCB Atlantic Super Show – 1st Place Novice, 3rd Place Open Bikini, Novice Bikini Overall – May 2016, Richmond, VA

NPC Virginia Grand Prix – 3rd Place Open Bikini – June 2016, Norfolk, VA

OCB Atlantic Super Show – 2nd Place Novice, 3rd Place Open Bikini – May 2015, Richmond, VA

NPA Tri Cities Regionals – 1st Place Bikini – December 2014, Colonial Heights, VA

NPA Ms. Virginia – 1st Place Open Bikini, Overall Bikini Winner – May 2014, Richmond, VA


For the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY two natural organizations are GOING TO WORK TOGETHER to help athletes save $$ and allow you to compete in two shows in different organizations!

Tina Peratino(ANBF Old Glory Promoter), Kent Bierly (ANBF Pres), Frank Meekins (OCB Catonsville Conquer promoter) and Matt Sheply (OCB Pres) have joined forces to allow competitors to compete in the OCB Catonsville Conquer (4/29, Catonsville, MD) AND the ANBF Old Glory Natural Classic (5/6, Alexandria, VA) WITHOUT HAVING TO PURCHASE TWO MEMBERSHIPS!

This means you can have an OCB membership and compete in both shows OR have an ANBF membership and compete in both shows without having to purchase the other organization membership (for these 2 shows ONLY)!

Not only that……
– You will ONLY need ONE MEMBERSHIP for both shows!
– You will ONLY need ONE POLYGRAPH for both shows!

Never have two organizations come together in this way! I’m very blessed and excited to be working with some amazing people in this sport who truly care about the natural athlete experience!

So….who’s in??? April 29th and May 6th (only 1 week apart)!!!!! Two amazing natural body building events!  Let’s show the world how natural body building CAN come together as one for the athlete’s benefit!

For more information on how to register visit:

Contact Frank Meekins – frank@franks.fitness (OCB Catonsville Conquer) or Tina Peratino – tina@centerstagefiguresandphysiques.com (ANBF Old Glory Natural Classic)


TANKTEAM!.. Happy Flex Friday.  Check out Amy’s athlete spotlight below.  WOW, transformation is epic!  Amy, see you at the OCB Capital City Classic – Yes I am eating all of the FLEX Donuts!

My name is Amy Nguyen and I am a Hokie and Saint alum. I work full time as a Substance Abuse fitnesspicCounselor in residential drug treatment with Fairfax County and am the founder of the protein donut company, Flex Donuts. I found myself in fitness through losing myself. Being in a past abusive relationship, I was told that dressing nicely and tending to my outer appearance was a sign of disloyalty. I disguised my inner turmoil through excessive alcohol and food consumption. Eventually, I was able to break those chains, which led to my own re-discovery, in and out of the gym! Lifting became my new source of happiness and helped me find the strong, intelligent, and confidently beautiful woman that I have always been.

I competed in my first two bodybuilding competitions as a figure competitor in Spring 2016. I fell in love with fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but always had a sweet tooth! After struggling with post-competition depression and binge eating disorder, I was motivated to find a way for athletes to safely incorporate tasty foods and still reach their fitness goals, all while keeping mentally and emotionally sound. Thus, Flex Donuts was founded. Some of the proceeds from protein donut sales go back to Love 146, an organization devoted to survivor care, prevention education, and training professionals to look for signs of trafficking.

In my spare time, I love to LIFT, blog, fiddle with the ukulele, watch low budget horror movies, and explore different foods. I am happy I am now able to share my passion with others!fitnesspic2


TANKTEAM… Post food coma turkey daaaay.  Take some time off from shopping and go get those gains in.  Today’s spotlight is Catonsville Conquer competitor – Steve King.  Steve has an inspiration personal journey that he shared below, thank you Steve and see you in April!

My name is Steve King. I reside in York PA and am 46 years old. 5 years ago I decided to make a life change for myself. I started my journey at a whopping 270lbs and not very healthy. After 4 years of clean eating and busting my tail in the gym 6 days a week I decided to share my results with the natural bodybuilding community. I have been competing for 2 years now with unexpected success in a few different natural organizations. I would like to thank the OCB Matt Shepley and Frank Meekins for providing a venue to show off all of our hard work. Training is my antidepressant and part of my daily routine at this point. In closing stop doubting yourself. If I could do it so can you.



TANKTEAM!! Happy turkey week, this week’s athlete spotlight is coming at you from Morgantown, WV.  Give it up for Danielle Shaner!  I met her and her husband backstage at the OCB Chesapeake Classic – Check her amazing story below and @danielle.shaner

My name is Danielle Shaner. I am 28 years old, born and raise in Frederick, MD.  I moved to Morgantown, WV after my husband and I got married in 2014.  At that time I obtained an my Group Fitness Instructor Certification.  I teach Group Ex. classes at the Pro Performance gym located in Morgantown.  I grew up dancing for over 18+ years and dabbled in Volleyball in high school.  My real passion for lifting didn’t pick up until I was in my early 20’s.  I ran into a concern in 2012; I was diagnosed with a rare joint disease in my right knee called

danielle4Pigmented villonodular synovitis (PVNS).  Since then, I’ve had 3 open knee surgeries to try and resolve the issue.  I use this diagnosis to help make me stronger mentally and physically.  In a matter of a few months I can regain almost 100% of my mobility and range of motion.  After years of wanting to compete and then convincing myself out of it, I finally took the plunge and found a coach in Feb. 2016.  I started working with Erin Dimond (Columbus, OH) and got right to work.  I competed in my first show at the OCB Presidential Cup (August 20 2016) placing 4th-Bikini Novice Class A & 5th-Bikini Open Class A.  I wanted to challenge myself and stay in prep for one more show.  I placed 1st Bikini Novice Class & 2nd Bikini Open Class in the OCB Chesapeake Classic September 17, 2016.  I am now taking a year off to build and recover from my, upcoming, 4th knee surgery in January 2017.  I have a very competitive spirit and determined to achieve every goal I set for myself.  I plan to embrace the off season to make necessary changes and progress.  I look forward to coming back to the stage next year and seeing how far I’ve come.