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TANKTEAMMM….  ALLO!  The next athlete spotlight features OCB Chesapeake Classic figure competitor – Carrie Merschat.  Awesome job at the show Carrie!  Check out her gym here:

http://www.schoolhousegym.net/ and give her a shout: @merschat79


screenshot_20161030-2328252I live in Addison, PA with my husband and 3 children. 

I own/operate Schoolhouse Gym & Studio which facilitates Schoolhouse Tae Kwon Do.  I  have achieved my 1st degree black belt in Chung Do Kwan Tae Kwon Do, and have recently taken interest in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and MMA training.  Those types of activities conflict with my lifting at times, especially as I am a hard gainer, but I love a challenge.  My biggest challenge at this moment is studying for my personal trainer certificate as I homeschool my children.




I attended my first OCB event at the 2016 Catonsville Conquer and made it a goal to prepare for my first organized show that coming fall.  I chose the Chesapeake Classic and could not have been happier with a first experience.  I was very pleased with the friendliness and courtesy of the organizers and staff. It was a huge learning experience and will have me better prepared for my next time around.


-Carrie Merschat




BIG SATURDAY – BIG LIFTS.  We had a great time at the USA Powerlifting meet in Rosedale, MD at Exile Fitness.  James “PBuilder” and I had the honor of spotting the lifters today at the meet.  Very motivating and inspiring.  Check out the pics and support your local lifters and POWER UP!!!




Epic leg day goin down today at Frank’s Fitness.  Keep that motivation high and the gains rollin…

My favorite part of leg day is calf training!!!  STRETCH AND SQUEEEZE.  Check out the day’s work!

Squats – Barbell

Leg Extension

Leg press

Smith machine – standing calf raise


TANK out



TANKTEAAAAM!  Today’s athlete spotlight is on the 2016 Catonsville Conquer Bikini Open ‘B’ – 1st place champion and 2nd place overall !  – Ihesha Stanfield.  Kick ass in the figure class Ihesha!

Always being an athlete, Ihesha gained her “freshman 15” after she graduated

from college, going from a size 4 to a size 12. With help from some gym friends and a trainer she was able to drop the unwanted weight and decided to become a personal trainer so that she could help others lose weight and get healthy.  She first stepped on stage during the NPC Gladiator back in November of 2014.  After undergoing emergency surgery September of 2015, Ihesha stepped back on stage to compete in the Catonsville Conquer, her first OCB show, and took home 2nd place overall in Bikini.  She has since decided to move to figure and is excited for the transformation her body is about to undergo!



TANKTEAM! Today’s spotlight athlete is Erin Cooper!  Erin competed in the 2016 Catonsville Conquer and has been working hard and making those gains for the next show!  Check Erin out at:




My name is Erin, I’m 34 and a mom of 3! I’ve always been into fitness, especially after having my kids. I started about 9 years ago with a little aerobics group and I also joined a gym. I honestly felt lost in the gym and a little intimidated working out by myself. I stuck mainly to cardio and extreme dieted-yikes! I did this for years, not getting the results I really wanted, I sought out a trainer and that’s where it all turned around for me! I was introduced to weights and eating a better diet (MORE food, yay!) after achieving great results, my trainer suggested the idea of competing. I thought he was CRAZY! I researched it, liked what I saw, and decided to go for it! Why not?! Fast forward 2 years and I’m in love with bodybuilding and competing.

I compete in bikini, and it’s been the most rewarding experiences ever. I’ve come in last place, I’ve come in 2nd place, and I’ve placed in the “middle”. It’s not about a trophy or placement for me though. It’s about the challenge and progression, and meeting awesome people that I can show love and support to, and lean on them for the same. Right now, I’m training for the OCB Nationals coming up this October, 2016!

I also have another exciting endeavor I’m tackling in just a few weeks: the Mrs. Maryland pageant! This pageant has come at just the right time in my life. Physically, bodybuilding has given me so much confidence to get out there and rock my swimsuit and evening gown. Mentally, I’m ready to have this platform to promote what I’m so passionate about: health and fitness! Cheers!Erin1



TankTeam–  Long time no see…Status check!  What are you lifting? How are the Gainzz? 5 Weeks out!

Bulk Season is still in full swing.  GET BIG!   This year I’ve kept “dirty” bulk to a minimum and look and feel 100% BETTER.

Don’t let the weight you’re pushing get in your head.  Yes, crushing a whole pizza daily you will feel the strength gains but how do you feel just walking around?  How do you look in the mirror? Is this the physique and mental state you want?

Get the calories in but still be mindful of your diet.  This isn’t contest prep but this isn’t Sumo training. Don’t go overboard in your eating! Stay healthy physically and mentally and conquer…

Today is Superbowl Sunday, skip the pizza and wings and fire up the grill.  Kabobs are a simple low-carb crowdpleaser and will fit in your macros.