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Frank’s Fitness invaded Atlantic City!!!  Great show at the OCB Ripped Tide, check out the pics below!


Great seminar today in Williamsburg.  Thank you to all of the athletes for attending!


Great show in Williamsburg!  Check out the pics below for all of the action, congrats to the athletes hitting the stage!


Capital City!  Great show and lift, check out the gallery below!


My journey to becoming a competitor started in June 2015. After being assigned to Virginia I joined LA Fitness where I was asked numerous times if I competed. I have always been big into fitness and would never miss a day in the gym, even if that meant I would need to go very early or come in very late. When I started my competition journey I got in touch with three coaches who all worked together (what a deal!) I signed up with TNT nutrition and Athletes Addiction where I learned a lot about myself. I signed up with only one goal, to compete in one bikini competition

My first show was NPC Blue ridge classic in October 2015 where I placed 1st in bikini class c and 2nd overall. Right after the show ended I was so full of emotional highs that I just wanted to do it again. I requested feedback and relayed it back to my coach Shelby, TNT Nutrition. A little change and I entered my second show NPC Max Muscle Mid-Atlantic/VA/DC state/Armed Forces in November 2015 where I placed 2nd in bikini class c, 1st in Armed Forces and 2nd in midatlantic bikini class c. Exhausted but I felt like I achieved my goals at this point but my family knew it wasn’t over.

It wasn’t until April 2016 when I decided I wanted to compete in another show. I told my coaches and we got started right away, but we didn’t start my prep right away. I competed in NPC Battle Royale in August 2016 where I placed 4th in bikini class c and 2nd in Armed Forces.

I was very motivated at this point. I talked it over with my family and coaches, and it was decided I would start over in my prep for another show later in 2016. I competed in NPC Max Muscle Mid-Atlantic/VA/DC state/Armed Forces show in November 2016 where I placed 1st in mid-atlantic bikini class c also overall bikini winner, 1st in Armed Forces, 1st in VA/DC state bikini class C also over all bikini winner.  I achieved more than I could imagine. My family and coaches were all there to witness such happiness and a great show!

At this moment of my life I knew I had the potential to be a pro bikini athlete. I discussed it with Shelby and she thought it was a good idea and I would be ready.  By January 2017 I was waiting patiently to step on stage when OCB was brought up to me. I didn’t know anything about OCB or any other organizations. My coach mentioned OCB and that it would be an even level playing field competing in a natural organization and that I should consider it.

Hello OCB! After thinking about it for an entire month and taking a step into the dark I decided why not! I picked my next show and told my coach. Prep started and I had never felt so good in a prep before! I competed in Catonsville Conqueror in April 2017 where I placed 1st in bikini class c, 1st in armed forces, the overall bikini winner, and where I earned my PRO Card. Wow, was all I could think. I did it! My goal at this point was to only become a profession bikini athlete. I felt great, I went back to life and was talking to my friend when she suggested to me I need to register for the OCB Pro Bowl since I was already conditioned. Why not! We all continued another 2 weeks of prep, it couldn’t hurt, and however, I was extremely sick those two weeks from food poisoning! I didn’t know what to think at this point. It was days before I could eat. Stay strong, jazz that is all I could tell myself. OCB Pro Bowl show day arrived and all of the competitors looked amazing. I couldn’t tell who was who. When it was time for the Pro bikini competitors to head to the stage, my nerves started in; these ladies looking amazing! I just wanted to go decent and place. I was happy to share the stage. Well, I placed 1st in my pro bikini class and in my pro debut show.

Tired, depleted and very weak, my coach knew I needed a break so that was the plan. Instead August came and I wanted to challenge myself for a third show the OCB Yorton cup. This show was not scheduled in my planned events, I just wanted to try it out because I didn’t know if I would be able to attend next year. We prepped and it was a challenge, not like the others where it was small hiccups. Being a full time student, Active duty military, finishing military education; I was exhausted to the max, but I had to do this show.

Show day for the OCB Yorton cup, I was just over the moon because I leaned out enough for the show, however, I did not place at this show. I kept my head high and informed my coach and we are both just happy how my year turned out.

As of right now, my only competition goal is to compete in another show next year during the summer. 

How did I get into fitness?

Growing up I was always active. When I was in middle school I ran track for fun of course. When I was in high school the football/track coach took me under his wing and taught me the ropes for weightlifting. He taught me everything and conditioned me for volleyball and track season. Summers were two-a-days with football players to train before volleyball practice. Once I graduated I stayed close to the weights and developed a passion for weightlifting. A few years later I knew I needed to be in shape as I had joined the Air Force.

After joining the military I knew fitness was a passion of mine and it was a big deal. I love meeting people who are into fitness like I am. It’s a place to escape your mind. Fitness is my way of life. It keeps me mentally focused on my everyday tasks.


TankTeam! Here are the pics from the Yorton!  It was my honor to share the stage with the amazing athletes.  See you soon!


TankTeam!!  Had a blast at the check-ins for the 2017 Yorton Cup.  Yes, it was a pajama party!  


TankTeam!  OCB was back in VA for the Roanoke Star.  Amazing show congrats to all of the athletes.  Check out the behind the scenes pics below.  


Congratulations to all of the athletes that took the stage yesterday at the OCB Chesapeake Classic!  You brought the house down.  It was my honor to judge and host all of you.  See you soon – Tank


Great time in Greenville, NC at the OCB East Carolina Fitness Festival.  Congrats to everyone taking the stage, your hard work was on full display!  Amazing job. Check out the pics below!