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  • Personal and Group Fitness Instructor. 
  • Contest Prep and posing coach. 
  • Pro Natural Bikini Athlete. 
  • A.A. – Baltimore International College. 
  • Owner Erin’s Delights –   
  • @erin_bakesandlifts


  • Owner / Operator of Frank’s Fitness
  • ACE certified personal trainer
  • Contest prep / posing coach
  • Bodybuilder / Powerlifter
  • M.S. – Towson University
  • USMC Veteran
  • OCB Head judge, Promoter
  • Former Fitness Director – Bally’s
  • Former Personal Trainer, YMCA, Merritt Athletic Club
  • @Frankmmeekins
  • @Franksfitnesscenter

It is an honor for the past 13 years to have helped in achieving so many fitness goals for such a wide variety of people in different parts of their lives.  I look forward to hearing from you and how we can help achieve your goals no matter how big or small.  – Frank